• Central Standard: On Education

    Central Standard: On Education

    WTTW 11, Chicago’s PBS affiliate, approached us to develop and produce their first web series.   […]

  • Rights Lab

    Rights Lab

          Our dramatic documentary web series answers your questions about protests, technology, and the […]

  • Great Lakes Impact

    Great Lakes Impact

    We produced video for an interactive website developed by Studio 424 highlighting the impact of the […]

  • Scrappers


    Scrappers is a documentary by Brian Ashby, Ben Kolak, and Courtney Prokopas, and is where Scrappers […]

  • Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists

    Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists

    We shot, edited, and co-produced a feature documentary chronicling Chicago’s most important painters of the 20th […]

  • Big Shoulders Fund

    Big Shoulders Fund

    We provide video production and help craft strategic messaging for Big Shoulders Fund and inner-city Catholic […]

  • The Plant

    The Plant

    We produce original content and provide videography for AJ+, Al Jazeera’s high traffic mobile news platform.

  • Big Bend Brewing Company

    Big Bend Brewing Company

    We created a seven-part documentary campaign for Big Bend Brewing Company, linking their beers to the […]

  • Edelman Gallery

    Edelman Gallery

    Since 2008 we have documented the photographers presenting at Catherine Edelman Gallery.

  • Habitar


    We crafted videos to showcase the talent and portfolio for an interior design and construction firm.

  • The Grid 360

    The Grid 360

    The Grid is a series profiling Chicago businesses, subcultures and landscapes. It is funded in part […]

  • Booth: New Venture Challenge

    Booth: New Venture Challenge

    On the Fast Track: An Entrepreneurial Journey For The University of Chicago Booth School of Business […]

  • International Business Brokers Association

    International Business Brokers Association

    The International Business Brokers Association ® (IBBA ®) is a trade association of business brokers providing […]

  • Popcorn Politics

    Popcorn Politics

    We’ve teamed up with the A.V. Club (the Onion) to explore the politics of movies.  

  • Joint Speaker Series

    Joint Speaker Series

    We made videos stimulating discussion between researchers at Argonne National Lab, Fermi Lab, and The University […]

  • 96 Acres

    96 Acres

    We created a short documentary series featuring art projects engaging the Cook County Jail and the […]