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Communications & Distribution Manager -  Employment Opportunity

20 hrs / week starting. Monthly health care stipend + hourly rate negotiable and based on experience.

Job Description: Applicant will direct audience engagement for Scrappers Film Group’s original content, creating and analyzing the effectiveness of outreach strategies, coordinating and promoting screenings and events, managing social media accounts, and contributing to the ideation of new content from a distribution perspective. The applicant’s schedule will be irregular due to event production needs, but will take into consideration the applicant’s other commitments. While the majority of the work could be performed remotely, applicant would be expected to work on site a minimum of 30% of the time.

Requirements: Applicant should have strong writing and communication skills, English fluency, a professional demeanor, a passion for documentary, and experience managing social media, events, and ideally distribution of independent film. Additionally, the applicant should have a four-year college degree, preferably in the liberal arts, social sciences or a motion picture related field. Due to the demands of event production, applicant should be able to walk up stairs and carry 35 lbs. The applicant must be based in Chicago or willing to relocate. Experience with web development and Creative Cloud a plus. The applicant should have a strong sense of self-motivation and initiative, as well as familiarity with Scrappers Film Group original content -- check our website (scrappersfilmgroup.com) before applying.

Company Description: Scrappers Film Group provides video production services to journalistic, documentary, business, and socially motivated clientele, and uses the margins from that work to fund social justice and arts documentaries inspiring viewers to question the familiar, and empathize with the unknown. Scrappers is currently a eight-person operation, complemented by a pool of contractors, based out of a shared 1400 square foot production facility in Chicago’s West Loop.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to admin@scrappersfilmgroup.com.

Scrappers Film Group is an equal opportunity employer.