Scrappers Film Group provides film production work to journalistic, documentary, business, and socially motivated clientele. We use cinéma vérité and naturalistic techniques to best portray our customers’ visions.  Our services include video journalism, documentaries, promotional pieces for institutions, video installation, shooting, editing, sound recording, interviews, and original scores.


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The Area is a feature-length documentary film about a South Side Chicago neighborhood being demolished to make way for an intermodal freight yard. Since September 2011, residents have been living on borrowed time, maintaining friendships and traditions while struggling with new problems in their vanishing community.

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Support our latest feature-length documentaries. Productions take many years to produce and much elbow grease. We welcome your support.


Stateville Calling

At the center of the film is Bill Ryan, an 82-year-old prisoner's rights activist from rural Kentucky who has spent the last several decades befriending and advocating on behalf of a group of men and women incarcerated for life. The elderly population in jails across the country has been growing at a higher rate than other groups, and it's placed stress on a prison system already struggling to provide adequate care to the incarcerated. Elderly prisoners are least likely to reoffend if released. 

Closing De Facto

All eyes are on Chicago for crime. Education, especially college, is seen as the solution and a path to jobs. So why is a 150-year old university in the middle of the violence on the brink of closure? Scrappers Film Group has been producing Closing De Facto to draw attention to the crisis at Chicago State University, using the power of the dramatic stories and unique characters - students, faculty, janitors, state representatives - struggling to keep the school from closing down.